Simply Three

Hi guys! My name is Orchidia and I hear you guys are awesome! I have yet to have the pleasure of attending one of your concerts, as a great friend of mine just told me about your group. I am excited to check out your music as well. I was wondering if your going to be performing at any other vendors come the new year? Reason being is that my friend was looking forward to attending your concert this evening at the Desert Botanical Garden, but him and his family came down with the flu and are out for the weekend. Would love to surprise them with tickets to another concert for the new year. He is a huge fan and it would be so awesome to bless him and his family with your music. So, thought I would simply ask. Thank you for your time and blessings for a beautiful new year!

Simply Three responded on 12/29/2017

Yes! We have 2 big shows at the Mesa Arts Center on March 8th and 9th! Use the promocode Garden to get tickets before they go on sale in January. Thank you for you support!! Here’s the link:

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