Simply Three

Just a comment.....Just saw your performance at the Botanical Gardens and fell in love with your music and performance! My husband and I were visiting from Alaska (AZ is my home) and we were both so impressed! I'm hoping to return for your March show. Keep sharing your music you all are so talented.
Lori Slanaker
If you would ever be interested in performing for our talented island (Ketchikan) in Alaska we would love to have you!

Simply Three responded on 12/09/2017

Thank you Lori!! Thanks for coming to our performance! We would love to perform in Ketchikan, but we would need to be booked by a venue there, who would need to get in touch with our booking agency (email is on our contact page on our website). Either way, it was a pleasure to have you at the Gardens, and we hope you'll make it back for our Mesa show! :)

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