Simply Three

SUSAN and enjoyed SIMPLY THREE ( for the first time)
Sunday evening @ the DBGarden. Also scored four (4) front row seats this AM for the Masa Thurs March 8, 2018 performance.

We live in Sun City Grand.....Surprise.AZ.
I’m tired of warmed over (no talent) cover bands that roll thru this place.

I believe there is opportunity here to draw fans who actually enjoy and understand honest to god talent.

Wednesday I’m meeting with the entertainment director and playing your YouTube videos.....

When I took a look around the audience Sunday evening, all ages were into Simply Three....

OK, I’m a (new) fan and want this group to make it to the top...
So I want to share this music in our community.

What is the price range for a couple hour concert?

Look forward to hearing from you,

Bruce Lucas

Simply Three responded on 12/09/2017

Hey Bruce! Sorry for the delay. So happy you came to the Garden, and we're stoked you're coming to the Mesa Arts show!

I know you already had the meeting on'd it go?

For booking, you would need to contact our management or booking agency directly. is our manager (Gina), and she can help you figure all that stuff out! :)

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