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Hi Simply Three,
I am a young violinist (aged 17 with 5-7 years of experience, this year being my 6th/7th year learning violin - I don't remember which year I started) and have been told, although I started violin quite late, I have progressed quicker than most. I was wondering at what age you all began learning your respective instruments.

You guys are amazing. Thanks,

Simply Three responded on 07/08/2017

Hello Isla!! It's nice to meet you! It's so great to hear that you are progressing at the violin so quickly. We hope you are enjoying it and loving making music too!

Glen started with he was 8, Nick started the violin when he was 10 but then switched to the bass 2 years later, and I (Zack) started the cello when I was 10!

We hope that helps! Definitely keep practicing and enjoying what you are doing, and that is all that matters. If you are dedicated and are happy doing it, then the world is your oyster!

Hope to meet you at an upcoming show,

Zack :)

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