Simply Three

We will be in Palm Desert on February 15 and would love to get tickets for that show. Any discounts on those? Also, I went on line to purchase, but not knowing the theatre, wondering about 1st row mezzanine seating - we usually prefer that over front rows in other theatre venues. Thanks! We loved you at the Botanical Gardens and are from Colorado - you should perform here sometime - Fort Collins or Loveland would be perfect!

Simply Three responded on 12/30/2016

Hey Daryl! Great hearing from you!

They're currently not offering any discounts as far as we know. And as far as the seating, this will be our first time playing at the McCallum Theatre, so we don't know exactly what it will be like. Maybe you could call and ask the theatre employees or maybe even find some pictures of the inside. They also have a "seating views" page, so that might help too:

Look forward to seeing you there!


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